Video Analysis 20min

Video Analysis session 20min

Get professional point of view and discuss about your training in realtime at home via video call. Video Analysis is suitable for improving your riding technique in different riding exercises. This works also very well for improving the quality of the contact, the balance and the frame of the horse.

Book and pay your Video Analysis session in webshop, you can choose the suitable appointment time below via our online booking system.

You will receive a video call at the time of appointment. For Video Analysis send a short max 2 minutes long video to us and describe the situation as you experiece it right now. 

We can´t take responsibility for any technical issues with your equipment, but we do our best to help you have a really good lesson.

Video Analysis are held by Niina Kirjorinne, riding coach and animal physiotherapist. Read more about Niina here

Do you prefer to get coaching in realtime as you ride? Book an Online Coaching session.

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