Trust your feeling

Good riding is a combination of fact and feeling. With horses you need to be able to trust your feeling, backed with correct technique and good repetitions. 

With new sensor technology you can upgrade your riding skills into the next level!

In RIDATA® Mobile Movement Lab, you'll gain insights into your strengths and areas for improvement to elevate your performance. Each session is tailored based on the unique characteristics of both the horse and rider. 

RIDATA® Mobile Movement Lab

Here are a few examples of what we can measure

Get real time data of rein tension and the quality of the contact! This method is very effective when you want to solve different contact related challenges

Understand how the pressure of riders seat and the saddle is distributed during the riding in different gaits and exercises

Get useful information about your horse and tack with thermal imaging! Each session is planned individually

Measure muscle activity and symmetry in real time while you ride! This measurement allows you to improve movement quality and rideability of the horse on a very high level.

Analyse your seat to find a relaxed, effective and precise feeling in your riding. It's even possible to combine horse and rider measurements to develop your training.

Test and develop your seat combining the best parts of different testing methods. These measurements are done during normal riding exercises.

Measure horses movement quality and symmetry. Measurements can be done on different parts of the body with different systems.

Follow and measure horses mobility as part of a rehabilitation plan, or as a part of versatile exercise plan. 

Want to know your carriage horse or harness trotter better? These tests can also be performed while driving with your horse to optimize your horses performance.  

Learn more!

RIDATA® Mobile Movement Lab service is available for educational clinics for riders, judges and equine professionals interested in performance optimizing. We also work with Equine Colleges and are happy to listen your thoughts about research co-operation. 

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