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Effective classical training - combined with latest knowledge and research of horse and rider biomechanics and equine physiotherapy


Niina Kirjorinne in Warendorf 2020
Niina Kirjorinne in Warendorf 2020

I am Niina Kirjorinne, located in Finland. My main interest is to make horses and riders life a little easier by correcting the little things and compensations that block their next steps in their training. Getting back to basics will make precise corrections possible and by doing this we are building the training and movement on a solid, healthy ground for better perfomance.


As an anatomy enthusiast, I also keep digging deeper - yes, literally. To really understand the anatomy and to be able to correct the functional problems in a deeper practical level the best way is to keep learning in dissections. Every horse is different, there is always something new to discover and the nature is full of surprises. As a professional, you are welcome to join our equine anatomy clinics.

We organize education for equine professionals about functional anatomy, training techniques and movement analysis. We provide regularly equine dissection clinics and horse & rider biomechanic courses about different topics in co-operation with top level experts.

  • Classical dressage training individually and via online lessons.
  • Lectures, clinics and schooling days for larger groups
  • Mobile movement lab services for analysis at the barn (pressure mat, muscle activity, rein contact measurement and movement analysis)
  • Equine fascial treatment and equine physiotherapy are effective ways to improve performance in combination with high quality and variable training.  

Some recent courses

Diploma for Animal Physiotherapy, England 2017-2020 and Certificate in Equine Biomechanics, UK 2021 

KJR Equitation Equine Dissections, continuously since 2016-

Colonel Christian Carde dressage clinics in Finland, Sweden, Germany and England since 2013 

Angelika Frömming dressage clinics in Germany since 2016

Manolo Mendez dressage clinics in Germany and Sweden 2015-


Essentials of Elite Performance, Z-Health Performance Solutions 27.12.2023

Muscle Function through Surface Electromyography in Equine Gait Analysis with Dr Lindsay St George, Centaur Biomechanics 7.12.2023

Pilates-based Physiotherapy and rehabilitation, Shoulder Girdle – Upper Extremity – Lumbar area – Pelvis – Lower Extremity, Jarmo Ahonen 30.11-1.12.2023

Movement Quality Specialist (Liikkeen laadun asiantuntija), Trainer4You 12.9.2023

Advanced Understanding of Equine Skull, IAAT 23.9.2023

Recovery Specialist (Palautumisen asiantuntija), Trainer4You 9.8.2023

Anatomy, Testing and Rehabilitation of Shoulder and Shoulder Girdle, Jarmo Ahonen 14-15.3.2023

Equine Neurophysiology 1.2.2023, London College of Animal Osteopathy


Clean Win & Fair Win, SUEK 16.12.2022 

Clinical Application of Equine Gait Analysis with Dr. Aage Hardeman, Centaur Biomechanics 21.10.2022 

Vagusnerve - Road to the balance of the autonomic nervous system, Mika Pihlman 19-20.9.2022

Fascia Seminar - "Why Fascia matters?" Scientific evidence for the role of fascia in upper extremity dysfunction and pain, C. Stecco, C. Fede etc, Somty Ry 29.8.2022

Orthopaedic Medicine Part 1a - General principles, diagnosis and treatment of the shoulder 27-28.4.2022, OMI Finland

Challenges of Movement Analysis in Physiotherapy, Jarmo Ahonen 14-15.3.2022

Responsibe Coach, Finnish Olympic Committee 14.1.2022


Quantifying posture - Dr Tabor, Equine Documentalist 18.12.2021

Centaur Biomechanics VIRTUAL Equine Sports Science Summit 2.10.2021

Fascia and breathing, Mika Pihlman, 28.9.2021

Tendinopathy webinar, Sami Tarnanen, SOMTY 2.6.2021

Pain webinar, Petteri Koho, SOMTY 2.6.2021

A Strong, Healthy Back: The Foundation of a Successful Sport Horse, Prof Hilary Clayton, Centaur Biomechanics Webinar, Dr. Russell MacKechnie-Guire 21.3.2021

The Locomotor Apparatus of the Horse: from a Biomechanical Perspective with Prof. Hilary Clayton, Centaur Biomechanics Webinar, Dr. Russell MacKechnie-Guire, 14.3.2021

Understanding Your Horse's Neck, Webinar with Gillian Higgins 3.3.2021

Facts about fascia webinar, Tiina Lahtinen-Suopanki, SOMTY 7.2.2021


Basics in Sport Psychology, XAMK

Fascia & Lower Limb 26-27.10.2020, Mika Pihlman & Tuulia Luomala

Training week 20-24.1.2020, German Riding School, Angelika Frömming, Warendorf, Germany 


AGP Equine Orthopaedic Case Days 21-24.9.2019 Germany, Sue Dyson, Rikke Schultz, Ian Bidstrup

Kinetic Control, Managing Movement: Impairments of the Lower Leg, 16-17.9.2019, Kari Niemi 

Pilatessymposium 9-10.8.2019, Jarmo Ahonen, Hanna Kanerva, Minna Martin, Jari-Pekka Keurulainen 

Myofascial structures in lympf therapy; oedema and pain, Helsinki 29.4.2019,
Tiina Lahtinen-Suopanki, Tom Väisänen

Kinetic Control 25-26.3.2019, Kari Niemi, Muscle Synergies Neck and Shoulder
Kinetic Control 4-5.2.2019, Kari Niemi, Co-ordination Efficiency Neck and Shoulder
Kinetic Control 17-18.1.2019, Kari Niemi, Managing Movement - Impairments of the Lower Leg


Fascia of head, neck and masticatory system (16h), 22-23.11.2018, Tuulia Luomala, Mika Pihlman 

Fascia Research Congress Berlin, Germany 14-15.11.2018
Fascia Research Congress Berlin, Germany, (all day workshop) How Fascial Connections Affect Breathing and Movement, 13.11.2018 Jouko Heiskanen, Tuulia Luomala, Mika Pihlman

Manolo Mendez Trainer/Vet/Therapist Clinic at Marbach State Stud Germany 23-24.10.2018

AGP Equine Orthopaedic Case Days 22-25.9.2018 Germany, Sue Dyson, Thilo Pfau, Ralf Pellmann, Monica Aleman 

TMD-schooling for dentists and physiotherapists, 8h, SOMTY and Suomen Kivuntutkimusyhdistys Ry 

Stecco Veterinary Fascial Manipulation ®, level 2 (32h) 5/2018
Fascia, hypermobility and scoliosis, 31.5-1.6.2018, Tuulia Luomala, Mika Pihlman

Kinetic Control, 4-5.4.2018, Kari Niemi, Targeting Muscle Synergies to Optimise Movement, Retraining for the Low Back and Hip

Pure Biomechanics in Sports, Jarmo Ahonen, 9-10.3.2018

Horses Inside Out Conference, Structure and Function 23-24.2.2018, England

Functional Anatomy and EMG, 8.3.2018, MPower, Tuulia Luomala, Mika Pihlman

Kinetic Control, 8-9.2.2018, Kari Niemi, Co-ordination Efficiency to Optimise Movement Retraining for the Low Back and Hip

Kinetic Control, 11-12.1.2018, Kari Niemi, Managing Translation Through Local Muscle Synergists - Targeting Local Muscle Training


AGP Equine Fascia Days 26-29.10.2017 Germany,
Rikke Schultz, Vibeke Elbroend, Tuulia Luomala, Mika Pihlman 

Core function, diastasis recti abdominis and sonopalpation, 1-2.9.2017 Suomen Terveysliikuntainstituutti 

Health4Performance, Spine & Abdomen 29.8.2017, Ari-Pekka Lindberg
The Role of Fascia in Head and Neck Dysfunction and Pain, 24.8.2017, SOMTY 

Fascia and movement 6.8.2017, Jarmo Ahonen, Tuulia Luomala, Mika Pihlman 

Health4Performance, Lower Extremity 17.5.2017, Ari-Pekka Lindberg 

Health4Performance, Shoulder Girdle 16.5.2017, Ari-Pekka Lindberg

Stecco Veterinary Fascial Manipulation ®, level 1 (48h) 5/2017 

How riding affects the horse - analyzing and correcting the riders seat 2.4.2017

Kinetic Control level 2, Movement Efficiency for Neck & Shoulder 17-18.3.2017, Kari Niemi 

Human in movement, Jarmo Ahonen 24.2.2017

Fascia and lower limb, 11-12.2.2017, Tuulia Luomala, Mika Pihlman


Biomechanics and Classical Dressage Training, Angelika Frömming, Stefan Stammer, Germany 21-23.10.2016 Manolo Mendez dressage Clinic, Sweden, 30.9-2.10.2016

Anatomy Trains in Training 2, 8-9.10.2016 Ari-Pekka Lindberg

Anatomy Trains in Training 1, 20-21.9.2016 Ari-Pekka Lindberg

The Role of Fascia in Low Back and Pelvic Pain, 25.8.2016, SOMTY

9th International Symposium on Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy, 8-12.8.2016 Sweden, Uppsala 

Human in movement, Jarmo Ahonen, 9.6.2016


How riding affects the body & bodywork for riders, Somatic Center 5.12.2015

Function of fascial lines in teaching body awareness and sports training, Jarmo Ahonen Somatic Center 26-27.11.2015

Symposium With Manolo Mendez, Dr Ridgway, Colonel Carde: Optimizing Horses Straightness, Balance and Performance, Germany 2015


Biomechanics and Body Awareness for Riders, Somatic Center, 22.11.2014

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