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Good riding is the recipe for healthy movement with quality. 

We offer dressage clinics, lectures, further education in horse and rider biomechanics. Our services give veterinarians, equine professionals and riders on all levels individual solutions for better movement. We are based in Finland and our services are available internationally. 

We help optimizing your performance using sustainable training methods based on classical dressage in combination with latest technology, knowledge and research.  We educate equine professionals in horse and rider biomechanics and anatomy in co-operation with internationally renowned experts. 

Classical Dressage Training 

Animal Physiotherapy, Stecco Animal Fascial Manipulation® level II

Equine Anatomy & Dissection Clinics

EMG Analysis of the Horse

EMG analysis of the Rider

KJR Equitation Coach®

Bonespector® Equine Anatomy Models

Niina Kirjorinne is dressage coach and animal physiotherapist, who has specialized in horse and rider biomechanics. Niina is student of Colonel Christian Carde, and she has been training with German former I-judge Angelika Frömming in Warendorf. Learn more here.


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"Our aim is to help riders learn individual practical solutions to improve their horses performance and wellbeing, based on good riding, latest technology and research"

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