How to create soft, light and elastic contact that is precise and comfortable for the horse? 

On this webinar we go through the functionality of contact from both practical and anatomical perspective. You will learn easy tests and exercises, that help you to improve your contact skills help to take the communication between you and your horse into next level. A rider with soft and forward thinking hand can improve the horse with precision, creating balanced and relaxed movement with good impulsion and correct collection.

This lecture is suitable for all riders and equestrian professionals, trainers and animal physiotherapists who want to learn more about the topic. After the lecture we will have time for Q & A session. 


  • What is a good contact?
  • Functional anatomy of the contact 
  • Riders hands - how to create a good contact
  • How to help the horse to maintain a good contact
  • Training techniques to improve the contact quality 
  • Q & A

Event time:

Sunday 17.10.2021 at 17:00 - 18:30 (UTC +3)

How to participate:

Get your ticket in the webshop using PayPal or credit card payment. The event will be hosted via Google Meets. You will receive an email with additional information and link for registering the event - just follow the instructions. 


Niina Kirjorinne, lecturer, dressage coach and Animal Physiotherapist, organizer of equine anatomy and dissection classes for equine professionals. Niina works in close co-operation with veterinarians and other rehabilitation professionals for research and development of sustainable training techniques. Niina has trained classical dressage with French Colonel Christian Carde and German Angelika Frömming, she writes #functionalityinequitation article series on 

Niina combines her experience in anatomy, biomechanics and classical riding techniques with latest technological solutions to optimise performance and solve challenges in movement, riding and training the horses on different levels. Her special interest at the moment is equine fascia and how its function affects the movement.

Good to know

Places are limited and will be filled in "first come, first serve basis". The tickets are only sold in Kirjorinne webshop and you will receive email confirmation from Kirjorinne to join the event. Ticket sale will close latest at 17.10.2021 12:00 (UTC+3) or earlier when all tickets are sold.

This is a live event and there will not be any recording available afterwards. We are unable to take any responsibility if you can´t access the event for any reason because of failure of your equipment. If for any reason we are unable to broadcast the webinar the tickets are refunded.

Once the webinar info and link is sent to you from us, the webinar is non refundable if you can´t attend for any reason.

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