RECONEQ® Contact Coach LEVEL 1


PREORDER RECONEQ® Level 1 - online course.

  • How to practice the quality of rein contact
  • Creating and learning light, precise and elastic rein contact for horse and rider
  • How to prevent contact problems
  • How frame and balance of the horse are related to the contact
  • Effect of rein contact and rein aids in balance and functionality of riding
  • How to test the contact with your customers in practice
  • Use of measurement technology to analyse the quality of rein contact
  • Facts and research knowledge of contact  

Who can participate:

This course is for for different kind of equine professionals, riding instructors, trainers, coaches, equine massage therapists, bit fitters, animal physiotherapists, veterinarians and other equine health care professionals. The course is also open for others with interest for developing the quality of rein contact.

How to participate:

Book and pay your course in the webshop. After the purchase you will receive a personal email confirmation and info letter with access to the course site. 

Once the webinar info and link is sent to you from us, the webinar is non refundable if you can´t attend for any reason. The organizer reserves the right to make changes.

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Additional information about the course, lecturers and details is found here.

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