Perfecting the basics 26.2.2022

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How to improve your horse and your riding? Get your basics into the next level and find inspiring ways to improve your daily training. 

The basics can always be improved, and good riders share an endless interest for refining the basics in their daily work. This basic training also needs to be interesting for the horse to create motivating training, that allows the horse and rider enjoy the journey of training together. Relaxed mindset and efficient bite-sized training creates good rideability and quality in movement.


Michael Rohrmann, Riding Master and trainer from Germany.

Michael has a long experience in teaching riders in different disciplines under his motto "Good riding is the first form of animal welfare". He also has special interest for developing the riders seat with understanding of functional anatomy. Michael has the skill to create positive attitude in training to develop tight partnership between the horse and the rider.

Learn more about Michael here.

Niina Kirjorinne, classical dressage trainer and animal physiotherapist from Finland. Niina is a student of Colonel Christian Carde and her special interest is to improve every horse and riders performance and movement skills using classical dressage exercises in combination with latest technology and knowledge of equine anatomy. Niina writes an article series #functionalityinequitation in Eurodressage.

Learn more about Niina here


This webinar is suitable to riders from different disciplines and levels. 

The webinar lifts up the best practices of German and French training approaches. Both lecturers share a long and versatile experience in dressage and equitation, which creates a positive and focused atmosphere in every training session for both horse and rider. In this webinar, the lecturers will share their recipe for creating easiness and excellence in basic techniques to help you find inspiration in your own daily training. 

Covered topics

  • Foundations of good riding
  • How to improve the basics and why this is important?
  • Understanding the importance of relaxed yet efficient movement
  • Q & A

Event time:

Saturday 26.2.2022 at 15:30 - 17:00 (CET, UTC+1)

Webinar duration is 1,5 hours, and there will be time for questions.

How to participate:

Get your ticket in the webshop using the PayPal or credit card payment via Paytrail by Nets. The event will be hosted via Google Meets. Your personal webinar link works both with mobile devices and computers. After your purchase of tickets you will receive an email with further information and a personal link to the event - just follow the instructions.

Good to know

The tickets are only sold in Kirjorinne webshop.  After the purchase you will receive a personal email confirmation from the webshop. Ticket sale will close latest at 26.2.2022 12:00 (CET, UTC+1) or earlier when all tickets are sold.

This is a live event and the event will be recorded for sharing it to the participants. The recording is available 2 weeks for ticket holders for rehearsal purposes. We are unable to take any responsibility if you can´t access the event for any reason because of failure of your equipment or other possible scenarios. If for any reason we are unable to broadcast the webinar the tickets are refunded.

Once the webinar info and link is sent to you from us, the webinar is non refundable if you can´t attend for any reason. The organizer reserves the right to make changes.

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